Monday, April 14, 2008

CommUnity Cafe!

My church has decided to reach out in a different way and opened a coffee store in the church. When they asked for volunteers I just knew that was something I was meant to do! Tonight was the training and I love it! We got to sample different coffees and drinks. I learned how to steam and froth the milk and how to use the register!
If/when we move home ---> to Norway, I really hope to be able to open a coffee store ala Starbucks or Caribou Coffee in my hometown! It is such a great way to meet new people and chat and just be social in general!

Anyways, the downside of the training is that I am so hyped on caffeine right now I am not sure WHEN I will get to go to sleep.

Have a great night and tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

hehe, du har en fast gjest allerede der du :)å det går forresten rykter om at starbucks skal åpne i norge