Friday, April 18, 2008

Not fun.....

so, I spent most of last night awake waiting for when I had to run up and get to the bathroom due to a stomach flu. Never had to, but regardless, my stomach was churning and I got close to no sleep! This morning two of my co-workers (I worked with both of them yesterday) called to see if I could work for them as they had the stomach flu! I guess we all got it at work yesterday then.
I am feeling better, but probably won't eat anything for the next day or so until it is all gone.
What bums me out the most if that Michael had late start today and we were going to hang out and do fun stuff! Instead he took care of me - got me crackers, ginger ale, my book etc and was content in doing so.
My big boy is just so helpful and caring it bring tears to my eyes! No complaining about not getting to do fun stuff, just compliant and taking things in stride. Makes my heart swell with pride!
So, since he is now at school, and I am waiting for my good friend Karen to bring Toria home from school (I am typing this to make sure I don't fall asleep while waiting) I am trying to come up with something I can do with Michael maybe next weekend.
the planned Girls' night out for tomorrow evening was canceled as well, so I guess if I was to get sick it was the best weekend to do it. Still blows though!
Anyways, my princess should be home soon. I will make her lunch and pop both us us back in bed:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Torunn said...

Ønskjer deg masse god bedring, Hanne! Håpar du vert frisk snart!
Starbucks i Norge, høyres bra ut. ;) Kanskje du må starte ein kjede då, sånn at eg får caramel apple cider i nærheten av meg og. ;)