Monday, April 7, 2008

Back at it...

Oki, so the day came again when i had to return to work........I stayed up way to late last night to be able to get up rested this morning...oh well...I will learn I hope:)

We came back into town on Saturday night as we decided to leave a day early from the in-laws due to a winter storm coming their way the next day. I did NOT want to be stuck u there or even worse, forced to drive home in horrible weather.
We did have a great Spring Break, with some me-and-hubby time and some relaxation and lots of kiddo time. The kids loved being with grandma and grandpa and their cousin Chase. chase came home with us and is staying with us until Wednesday night when his mommy and daddy comes home from California. They are enjoying a break before the baby arrives in June.
I went back to both jobs today - first at my nanny job and that went fine, then to the Y and that was more work but not as much as anticipated The person who was supposed to cover for part of my job decided to not check messages and left me with a whole weeks worth of unhappy people that were expecting a call back within a day. They were all kind and understanding though when I called them back, so that was good.

Tomorrow will be a short day at the Y so I am hoping to get most of the activities and crafts for Healthy Kids Day arranged and set up while Toria and Chase are napping.

I am gonna head off and watch the Final Game in March Madness with hubby - neither of us are to excited as our picks - UNC and UCLA - already lost, but at least it is something to do:)

Have a wonderful night, and cross your fingers for me heading to bed before 1am this night!

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