Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So beautiful!

The weather is so beautiful! I love being able to keep the windows open and let fresh air in! Unfortunately, we have people working on the water tower across the street from us, and they are not quiet at all. Thankfully they end their work early in the day though, so the evening in quiet and calm.
I did some major cleaning today, mostly in the living room and in Victoria's room. Anyone want toys? When bringing my rug back into the living room I realized how full of stuff it was so I brought the vacuum cleaner up and got to it. I had most of it cleaned when all of a sudden the vacuum cleaner let out a weird sound and tons of yucky smelling smoke! (Now I am really thankful I can have the windows open!) I sent the kids outside as it reeked and tried to figure out what went wrong.....the rug wasn't THAT messy! So, it seems as though the motor (or something) in the cleaner broke......can you tell I have no clue and that I am only guessing? I guess I need to figure out if I need a new vacuum or if this is something that can be fixed.

Other than that I have not done much. Walked the track at the Y while Victoria was at school, walked around the neighborhood with Victoria biking, and walked once more around the neighborhood with Kevin after we went out to eat. A total of 6 miles today! Yay! Never thought my legs would be tired from walking! The walking is much better for my back than the running I've been doing, so any races that I have been planning on being in this summer probably won't take place with me on the starting line. Oh well.....
I will aim for three miles on the track tomorrow, and probably another mile and a half with Kevin and the kids in the evening. I am really hoping to slim down enough to fit into my Bunad bu May 17th! We're not sure where to go celebrate yet, but it will be either Decorah, Iowa or Fargo, ND. There are pros and cons to both, so we''ll see:) Either way, I WILL wear my bunad, I guess it will just be a matter of how comfortable I will be:)

Off to fold some more clothes! I am totally caught up with laundry. Yay! And I am not going to fall least not this week:)

Oh, I almost forgot....I will get to work in the CommUnity Cafe this weekend too! I am so excited!!
Have a nice night!


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