Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rain, rain go away

come again another day! ( I am done jumping in the puddles for now:) )
Today it was raining when I left for work....I actually woke up around 5 when the thunder and lightning started and I crawled into Kevin's arms....poor guy, he does not get much sleep when the thunder hits as I am terrified! He was kind enough to hold around me for an hour (of course he can sleep through it) while it lasted and then when it ended it was time for me to get up and get ready for work.
It kept raining through lunch, and then it cleared up until 7pm or so when it started again.
Kevin had an "at-home" date with Toria and I got to take Michael out for some fun. We went to Target to pick up a birthday present for his best buddy:) Tons of fun, huh:)
Right when we left Target it started drizzling. We then headed over to Walmart as it was not time to go home yet. It is only a 2 minute drive and when we got there it was pouring down.
By the time we left Walmart (we picked up a snack for both of us) it was raining cats and dogs! Huge ones too! Since we were already wet we decided to jump in every puddle on the way to the car:) Totally brought me back to when I was little and loved playing in the rain! Of course, growing up on the coast of Norway rain is an everyday thing and you almost have to love the rain or else you will go nuts:)
I guess it just made me realize how much time we spend inside, and how easy it is to come up with excuses to not be outside. I always tell my kids they are waterproof when they complain about the rain, and today I made an older lady laugh out loud when I told Michael. She thought it was so cute, and so true! It made her put down her umbrella and walk into the store dripping wet:) So, that is my great influence today:)
Now I have to go change out of my wet clothes, but oh well. By tomorrow my shirt and pants will be all dry, and I have a fun memory that I share with my wonderful boy!

Have wonderful evening and weekend if I don't make it back on here before that:)

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