Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying something new

Ok, so when I was younger, I learned to knit and crochet. Never really had the patience for it, but seeing that my wonderful mom is THE knitting and crochet Queen (I swear she does it in her sleep!) I figured it really can't be that bad! So, I got a book with patterns for some dish cloths, knitting needles and yarns started knitting. Well, starting up was easy, it was when I hit the third row and had to purl (what the heck is purling?) that I ran into problems. I did remember from way back when that there was a different kind of stitch to do, so I tried it and felt pretty good about myself, that is, until I realized it had to be wrong because I lost most of my stitches:)
Off to the internet I went and found a video info thingy that showed me what to do, and voila!, I know how to purl! Unfortunately I had to start all over as I kind of made everything too loose when I was working on it.
I am now and row 7! However, I found that I have one stitch too many at the end so the pattern won't line up, so I guess I have to go back and re-do the whole line or row or whatever it is called in knitting land.
I figure that if I can't finish it, my mom will have something to do next time she visits:) I hope to at least get one dishcloth finished though, before I crawl back to my cards and scrapbooking pages:)

Have a wonderful weekend! Or as my husband would say: Ha en vidunderlig helg!


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Torunn said...

Så kjekt at du har begynt å strikke! Det går nok kjempeflott skal du sjå! Du må berre spør om du lurer på noko. ;) Håpar alt står bra til elles der borte!