Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Getting back there

So, I just realized I have not blogged in a while....sorry!
The weather got better and we spent a lot of time outside, but then as soon as we got used to that, rain and cold weather came back! I have been told that as of Friday Spring is here for good, with a hint of summer, so we'll see!

Tonight is the kids' awards night at church for the Awana program, and Victoria is beyond herself excited about singing on stage! I am just so glad that we got our camcorder fixed and can tape them! That will be something to show the grandparents:)

This weekend is Mother's Day and Kevin has already let me know he needs to take the kids one day to so "something":) I wonder what:) Victoria made a gift at school and brought it home today and she kind of wants me to open it early, so we'll see how long I can hold off.

Today, after work and school, Victoria and I planed out flowers in the flowerpots - red, white and blue. I am glad I actually found some bluish colored flowers this year as last year I did not. So, the window boxes are ready for syttende mai!

Anyways, so much to be done on my day off, so this will have to suffice. Hopefully I can get some pics of the kids to upload from this evening!
Have a wonderful Spring day!

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Anne Elise said...

Så flott at dere koser dere. Vi har et nyyydelig vær her i sør også, mens pappa har hatt storm og snø i nord!!
Litt kaldere er ventet, men vi har det bra!! Gleder meg til å se bilder av ungene og kanskje også av noen av korta dine????
Solveig har forresten oppdatert litt også!