Friday, May 30, 2008

Update with pictures and card fronts

So, the warm weather set in and I abandoned my blog! Sorry to all of you who were awaiting pictures of my cards!
I will attempt to add some here, as well as some pics from 17 mai.

This is me, Michael and Victoria dressed in our Norwegian Bunads (kept them on for about 10 minutes before changing back into our normal clothes). Unfortunately Victoria had outgrown her old Bunad and had to wear the Hardanger Bunad my Farmor (Paternal Grandma) won for her. It is a bit too big still, but we were able to make it look decent anyways! I am so excited that my girl has such a special outfit to remember her oldermor (great grandma) by.
This is an older picture of my grandma, me and the kids. Not the best, but certainly one I will treasure for a long time!

On to the pictures of cards. I know my mom and Lilli have been anxiously awaiting them:) So this is for the two of you:)

Many of these ideas I have gotten from others or learned to make at card classes. I usually sit down and make many of one sort when I am at it, and find a design that I like.
Hope you enjoy!

Gotta to pick Kevin up for lunch so this will have to do for now!
Have wonderful weekend if I do not make it back in time to write more!

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Anne Elise said...

Har et par oppgaver til deg når vi kommer, både når det gjelder kort og kakepynting!!