Sunday, November 2, 2008

Only 11 more weeks! Or thereabouts....

Yesterday I was 29 weeks, and only have 11 weeks left before out bundle joins us. Victoria is a very excited and started checking off the calendar as a countdown method.

This past week has been pretty slow, but with a weird work schedule. I did not work Monday due to my 3 hour glucose test - which I did not fail but I am borderline on my first draw, so I have to watch what I eat, have to cut down on carbs and sugars, and eat more protein. Thankfully I don't have to check my blood sugars unless I gain tons of weight over the next few weeks. Kevin is very protective and help keeping me accountable and not sneaking foods I should not have!
Tuesday was normal and Wednesday I was at an all day training for the Y with an awesome speaker. Only bad thing was that I had to sit for so many hours straight which totally messed with my back again. Thursday was normal and Friday was Halloween and busy. I got out of my nanny job early and got home to get the kids dressed before we met Karen and Nate for dinner - Little Ceasar's Pizza - before Karen and I took the kids trick or treating. The weather was awesome! No need for jackets or anything. Not normal for October 31st in MN I tell you! I think all the walked, though fairly painful after a while, rocked the baby to sleep quite well as she has been very slowgoing today.
The kids scored big times with their Trick or Treating, and have been pigging out this whole weekend. Tomorrow the candy goes bye-bye to daddy's work so that we can get it out of the house. I am not supposed to have any of it and it makes it hard to not eat any when there is so much yummy stuff left!

Saturday Karen and I took Sophie and Victoria to High School Musical 3 after we were done working a the Y. It was nice to hang out with the little girls!
When I got home I finished clearing out in the garage, and there is now room for my mini-van in there! I am hoping to get all our storage out on the shelves in the garage over the next few weeks. Only thing it that I need to convince Kevin since I am not supposed to lift that kind of heavy stuff.

Today I spent cleaning and doing laundry with small breaks on the computer. We also handed Ally's cat back to her and will now be able to open the basement door and air it out a bit. I had forgotten how much a cat would smell up the house!
The Vikes won and made my husband the happiest camper, especially since the Packers lost too!

This coming week will be normal except for Friday which is a no-school day so I have all four kids all day. I am not working at the Y though, so that it good.
Saturday if Evan's dedication at church, and I was able to find someone to swap counter and weekend with me, so I get to go watch! Yay! I miss the two boys as I have not seen them at church in so long!

Other than that, not much is going on. We're trying to find a day to work a babyshower out, planning for Thanksgiving and figuring out what we really want to to, getting Christmas presents that need to be sent done etc. I am sure that even though it feels like 11 weeks is plenty of time, I will be running ragged the last few weeks as I have so much to do! I keep making lists of things that need to be done, and instead of shrinking, they grow! So now, instead of dorking on teh computer I realy should be doing other things. Oh will get done eventually, although I am certain my house will NOT be as clean and organized as I pictured it being.

I hope the weather stays nice too, for as long as possible. It is nice to still be able to air out the house during the day! I love the fresh smell!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Amanda said...

Only 11 more weeks! How exciting. Just pace yourself and get done what you can. don't put too much pressure on yourself. :-)

Torunn said...

WOW!!! Det nærme seg!!! Spennande!!! Men du må ta godt vare på deg sjølv og på ryggen din, ikkje presse deg for hardt og sånt, veit du! :)
Fint om du kan sende meg ei lita liste over kva du ønskjer deg til jul og bursdag og kva ungane ønskjer seg til jul. ;)

Anne Elise said...

Spennende, spennende! Kanskje kommer jeg over en tur i januar/februar!!??