Saturday, October 25, 2008

Three days of pigging out on sweets

So, when I talked to the nurse about my Glucose test she said that three days before my 3 hour test I needed to start adding sugar to my diet so that I would not get sick when drinking the glucola. I guess the glucola for the 3 hour test is much sweeter than the 1 hour test, so if I do not prepare my body with extra sugar ahead of time, I will most likely get sick. So, Kevin and I have been indulging in sweets we normally do not. My favorite - Strawberry-Rhubarb pie and chocolate milk, not together though:) Sugary stuff, however, is not as exciting as I remember it being! I am getting headaches from the extra sugar - that is how too much has affected me since we did the low carb diet 5 years ago.

Then, on Monday I have to be in at the clinic between 8 and 9 and stay for 4 hours! That will be a great day. I have to fast for 12 hours before the test as well as no eating during, so I am guessing I will be starving by the time I am done! Please cross your fingers for me Monday AM!

On the brighter side, my back does feel better as long as I follow their reccomendations of staying off my feet as much as possible, limiting my lifting, and not sitting for long periods of time. Sleeping with a pillow wedge (shaped like a triangle) is helping as well. I cannot make it the whole night with the wedge, but anything is better than nothing. Thank you Karen for letting me borrow it!

Tonight we're having kids over for a sleepover while their parents are in the Cities for a wedding. Each time I am reminded how great eaters and sleepers my children are! And I am so thankful! I guess getting up at night with other people's kids will prepare me for late nights with the baby though. It just takes a while to get used to as I have not had to deal with this with my own kids for many years. So far tonight I have had to deal with a pee issue in the bathroom, tantrums (in the form of crying) because they did not get snack. The rule at our house is that unless you eat your lunch and dinner there is no snack. And it is not like I pile the plate full of food either. My kids are used to it, but it does take other children some time to realize I am serious when I tell them! In my honest opinion though, any snack is a priviledge and unless you eat real food, there is no need for snack foods. If all you can eat it one spoonful of noodles (which you requested) before you are full, you are entirely too full for any kind of snack. But then again, maybe that is just Kevin and I. At least we agree on it though:)
I remember the first time we had kids over for a sleep over, I was asked what their treat for eating some of their dinner was. I was floored! Is this common? Please post a comment if it is. Maybe Kevin and I need to change our food policy:)

Anyways, I am going to head to bed. It is 8:38pm and I am all tuckered out. The cold I am fighting is taking everything out of me. I am hoping that by the time the work week starts again, I will be ready to go:)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Marthe said...

Lykke til på mandag!

Hammari said...

Tusen takk! Eg har faktisk begynnt aa bli leie godteri, saa eg e klar for testen naa:)

Torunn said...

Korleis gjekk det i går?

Hammari said...

Eg faar ikkje resultatene foer i dag, saa eg maa nok smoera meg me tolmodighet:) Vanligvis ringe de i 9 tiaa om morgenen, men siden eg e paa jobb maa eg venta te eg komme hjem:(

Suzanne said...

Well, how did it go? You okay?

Hammari said...

I am borderline, meaning I am below the cut off, but just by one point, so I need to watch what I eat, cut down on sugars etc, but as long as my weight gain does not shoot through the roof I won't have to do anything else. No checking my blood sugars several times a day and such, so that is great!