Thursday, October 23, 2008

Failed my 1hr Glucose test:(

So, I had to spend an hour in the doctor's office yesterday taking my glucose test to rule out GD (Gestational Diabetes). I passed with flying colors with both older kids so I figured this was not going to be a problem. Then I got home from work today and there was a message for me to call my doc back for test results. Not good!
I was slightly over the limit, so they need me to take a 3 hour glucose test which entails 4 hours at the doctors. And it has to happen within the next week!
I have to be in between 8 and 9 and stay on for 4 hours:(
I have heard many people pass the 2nd one, but it is still a hassle. And if I fail the next one I am going to freak out! When I have babies over 9 lbs around their due date without GD, how big will she be if I have GD?
Anyways, just had to vent a bit before my 30 minute nap (I hope).
I will update you will results after the test next week!

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