Sunday, October 19, 2008

I found the sleep!

Friday night I found the sleep I had been missing and slept 11 hours in a row! I woke up just in time for lunch. It felt sooo good! And I was still able to go to bed at a decent time and sleep well the next night as well.

Since Thursday I have been off work from both jobs and got tons done! So much for taking it easy and relaxing. That just is not something I can do! Thursday I spent cleaning out our bedroom - tossing junk and filling bags for the Goodwill store. Friday I worked on the rest of the upstairs. We had a whole van load to bring to the Goodwill store. Saturday I more or less cleaned. Kevin was awesome help. I think mostly because he enjoys seeing junk leave our house:) He mopped the kitchen floor and helped load the car. The kids helped too, and their rooms are now very clean.
Today - Sunday - we moved Michael into Victoria's room and Victoria into Michael's. That will be the new sleeping arrangements from now on. When the baby comes she will move in with Victoria. The kids are still working on putting some of the kids away, but it took less time than I thought it would!

In between all the cleaning and junk throwing we also found time to watch four movies, make bread pudding Famous Dave's style, go to church and just enjoy each other as family. I took great care not to carry anything too heavy, although Kevin would probably say I still lifted things I was not supposed to. Oh, and I got many loads of laundry done too!
Now I have told myself I am done cleaning and that I am only allowed to to laundry the rest of the weekend.

We were hoping to go out of town this weekend since we had a long weekend due to MEA, but since that did not happen I am glad that things worked out the way they did. I do wish that I had the capability to just sit down and do nothing tough! Oh wel, sooner or later it will happen, whether I want it to or not.

Tomorrow it is back to school and work for us all and I am sure the break will not seem like it lasted long enough. For now, I will enjoy the time we still have left of the weekend.

Yesterday I was 27 weeks and it hit me that I only have 13 weeks left before baby is here! I am not sure I am ready for that! I have The Y Spooltacular, Halloween, a slumberparty, Thanksgiving, my birthday, a cookie exchange, babyshower (somewhere in there), Christmas and hopefully New Years to deal with before baby is here, and 13 weeks just does not seem like enough time to get all of that done! I also have to do all the Christmas shopping. So, if anyone finds a way to stop time for a bit, let me know!


Anne Elise said...

Spent på hvordan det går med deg!!!

Hammari said...

JOda, det gaar bra. Sover bedre naa enn tidligere.
HAr planer om mye omminnredning, saa jeg lager plan for Kevin naa:)