Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another week closer to holding our new bundle in our arms!

I only have 7 weeks left. For some reason 6 weeks seems like the point of no return for me, and I am guessing I will be stressed out of my mind at that point!
We hosted Thanksgiving in town, and had friends over which was great. That is. I ate so much (I thought) I started feeling sick. Pretty normal at Thanksgiving, right? Well, turns out I actually got the stomach flu. It was bad! Thankfully no throwing up until our friends left, but I still felt bad! I was just uncomfortable the whole time they were here, and I was certain it was because I ate too much. Looking back though, I did not eat that much at all. I did not even finish the dessert. And I only had dessert because it was my birthday! So, on my combined birthday and thanksgiving I was pretty sick. The kids did not get it at all thank goodness, because in the middle of the night Kevin got it as well. Pretty depressing.
I had made big plans for him to shop for me Friday morning while I stayed at home with the kids. When we left Thursday night to get the newspaper with the ads though, they were out all over town! So I had to sit down on the computer and write out a list. I decided to only stick to Walmart. When he got sick, I figured all shopping was out. He did get up in the am though, and got most of the things from the list! What an awesome husband I have!
I slept most of Friday until later in the day, when we decided to head to Lights of Bluff Valley for their light show. It was really neat, and really cold! We most likely will make Bluff Valley a tradition for our family.
Today I slept in again, and awoke feeling tons better. This must be the first Thanksgiving I have not gained any extra weight due to overeating! I cannot guarantee there is not a weight gain as I am pretty sure my baby girl is growing steadily:)

When I dot up this morning and realized the weekend just started (YAY!!) I got all into nesting mode again. I only have 7 weeks left was the mantra repeating in my head. I got the crib all taken apart and brought it upstairs only to find that I am missing 4 vital parts of the crib. I don't have the four pieces needed for the drop side thingy. Talk about annoying! I am sure they are somewhere in the house, but being that it has been 4 years since we took the pieces off, your guess is as good as mine as to where they are.
So, I took to the handy dandy internet to look up replacement parts for the crib. Well, in doing so I found that the crib had a recall on it, and guess what, the parts replaced for free are the drop side pieces! So, I put in an order for those, and I guess I just have to wait a bit before putting it together, but at least I have the safer parts on the way. Baby will be sleeping in a bassinette in our room for a few weeks until we have the nursing down anyway.
So, that lead me to my next thin on my to do list: organizing the clothes etc. Well, I am certain I need a changing table (for storing clothes under) or a dresser. I might not have to do any laundry with this baby! At least until she is 6 months. Then I need to go out and buy all outfits as I only have 3 in that size.
So, my organizing plan was cut short too. On to number 3 on the list. Making a shopping list of things we need before baby comes. My friend Karen has offered to throw a shower, but with December being so busy we'll probably wait until after baby comes, which means I need to get the essentials before. That is ok though. I hopefully in the next week or two I will convince Kevin to go baby shopping with me. At least for Diapers, wipes, bedding (although that can wait until the crib parts are in too), pacifiers, diaper bag, car seat and stroller ( I think Kevin's mom is getting this for us), diaper ointment as well as a few nursing nessecities. That is not too much.
I would also love to get all my Christmas shopping done soon - and might convince Kevin to take me to the cities for that. Just need to find a babysitter. Can't have the kids with us when we get their stuff:)
I am not supposed to sit in the car for very long (that is, sitting in general aggravates my back) but I am thinking that if we go up to the Cities and stay over night it should be ok. If not, I guess I am the only one paying for it (unless I keep Kevin awake at night with my complaining about hurting).

I already cleaned the whole house (still need to do daily cleaning I am afraid), but I need to set up the guest bedroom for Kevin's parents coming down after Christmas. I should have time for that still though.
I also want to deep clean my minivan, and somehow get Kevin's "spare" car out of the way so that I can park in the garage. Although, unless I can fix the garage door opener, that will not be too high on my list. No chance I will be getting in and out of the car to open the garage door in the middle of the winter. I am sure as soon as it snows a lot, I will change my mind though!

Oki, better get ready for church. Maybe tonight, after church, I will put my whole to-do list up here. Oh what fun you will have following me as I check things off, right! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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