Saturday, November 22, 2008

Only 8 weeks left...or less!

I am 32 weeks along today, so that means no more than 8 weeks left of being pregnant! This pregnancy has been so much harder on me than the other two! My OB told me there is something about the third being harder, without it meaning you are older, in worse shape etc. Glad to know that!

My back pain kinda comes and goes, as do the headaches. Today was one of the worse days I have had in a while, and all I really wanted to do was to stay in bed. However, Michael had two friends over for a sleep over last night (meaning an early morning for me when they get up at 6am!) and we took them to the free movie at Chateau. This week is was Kung Fu Panda. It was pretty good, but I think it is probably the last movie I will be going to until after baby is born. Since my back was already hurting quite a bit, sitting for another 2 hours did not do anything good at all.
I also had problems in church getting comfortable, and as much as I hate to say it, I know we've made the right decision to stay home this Thanksgiving.
I have had such a hard time coming to terms with family not coming down even though they are able to, but I am working on it. I have told Kevin over and over I can handle the pain of sitting in the car for 6 hours, but he has already made up his mind. And in all reality, he is probably right that we should not go. I would be miserable the entire time. I just really want to be with family, even if that means it will hurt and even if the decision we made to stay at home really does seem like the best.

What makes me sad is that my Black Friday shopping won't happen either. I for sure will not go by myself, and there is no one to watch the kids. Not that I think that I would have made it many places before having to give up. Maybe I should look at it as a different way of saving money:)

On to brighter things:
I did have my appointment on Wednesday and will not be going every two weeks! I measured right on track which kind of worries me as I measured about 2 weeks smaller with both Michael and Victoria and they came out over 9lbs!
With this bundle I seem to look smaller (or maybe that is just wishful thinking too) and so far I have only gained 15lbs. Just wait until next week and I will pile the pounds on!
She is already face down, however, she is facing my back, so I am kinda worried about back labor. She could still turn though, so that is good. Currently her butt is sticking out right above my belly button, and it is quite obvious every time I sit up. She does make me look kind of lopsided.

This girly sure is an active one. She moves so much, almost like rolling around, and there are times when I expect to see her hands and feet stick out of my belly. She tries to stretch to the point where I cannot sit up, but have to stretch my body out to give her enough room:)

I remember earlier in the pregnancy saying I did not want to go early as it would put us in the middle of Christmas, but now I would not care if baby showed up on Christmas Eve:). I am more than ready for her to arrive, but know she'll need a few more weeks in the oven to be able to arrive without complications of being premature. Knowing that, I will probably go until my due date, just because I am so anxious to be done being pregnant! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but this pregnancy has been more stressful and painful than anything else.

I have not taken many pictures lately, and I really should get on the ball. I really dislike blogs without pictures, and now mine has become one!
I am also hoping to find a way to change my layout on my blog t make it prettier. There are so many pretty blogs out there!
I have actually been toying with the idea of going back to school to get a Digital Arts Degree and also take photography classes. I would love to have my own company where I can design layouts, photo greeting cards etc. We'll see when I will ever find enough time to take that on though:)
When baby comes I will only be taking 3-4 weeks off from my nanny job, and I guess I have to take 6 weeks from the Y (although I can do all my paperwork from home. I just cannot bring her in to Kids Care until she is 6 weeks old). I am guessing I will be going nuts while at home (after week 2). I just need to have something to so. Maybe I will take up crocheting:)

Well, have a wonderful weekend all!

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