Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Norwegian class starts today

and I feel very unprepared!
The book I have used for the past few years and know by heart is too difficult to get ordered in time from Norway, so we had to make a last minute decision to change the curriculum. Yikes!
I feel like I have to learn the whole thing before I an teach it, but today is the first time I had to sit down and work through the first few pages.
Also, I have a lady in my class who took the beginning class last spring and signed up again. She paid for the old book, and now has to get the new book:( I feel bad!

At least it is a beginners class though. I just wish I had had some more time to work through it.

My house is still a mess too, which does not help my stress level. I need it cleaned by Thursday am, or at the latest Friday am. Tomorrow I have part of the day off so that will help. I had to take the whole day off from the Y due to an appointment I scheduled a month ago, so I guess that is good. That will give me some extra time to get things done around the house before the weekend. Victoria will be at school so it should go smoother. She loves to help, but sometimes it is just easier with no children around!
I am also hoping that at my appointment they will lift my restrictions and let me at least not worry about staying on my feet all day:) No issues since that last Friday, so that is good. My back is still sore, but as long as I can get through this week and weekend I should be able to take it easier!

Wow, I really am nervous! Cross your fingers my class goes well! I gotta eat an early dinner and head out. I am kind of relieved my intermediate class did not go through!
Have a wonderful night everyone!

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