Friday, September 12, 2008

Gettin in done!

Wow, I am amazed at what I have accomplished this last week! I totally trashed my house, got stuff ready for a garage sale while still trashing the house (and mind you, not doing anything cleaning whatsoever), started paperwork for my new job, finished the new schedule, moved stuff to the garage sale venue (still have about two van loads to go), scrubbed my fish tank and accessories (for the sale), did two loads of laundry (should have done me though) and just now I am blogging:)
I have a lot left to accomplish, but just knowing that I did as much as I did this past week makes me feel better about the coming week and crunch time before party weekend. Next week I will have less time as I will be working many more hours at the Y, but at least the majority of my junk is gone!
I never got to go through my own room, but that is ok. I will save that for a day when I am nesting and everything else is spic and span clean (yeah, right, never gonna happen!).

Tonight I am babysitting my two nephews while their daddy and my hubby go gaming at the gaming club(board games) and I am also watching our friends' two kids (who are my kids' best friends) overnight.
Saturday am I have to get up early to get to the sale - 4 kids in tow as they are planning on selling lemonade:) Then, right after the sale I have to rush home, shower and get ready for my nursery duty at church. Then, straight from church to a slumber party at my good friend Melissa's house. It will be a very busy day, but I am sure tons of fun as well.
Sunday am I have Cafe duty at church, so up again early!
I feel bad for leaving Kevin alone for almost a whole weekend, but he is tough and can handle it:) I will make up for it the next weekend when it is his BIG 30th birthday!

Well, I better go run some errands while I can, although sitting here blogging feels kinda nice!

Oh, and I really want to change the look of my blog too, so if you know where I can find someone who does blog makeovers, let me know!


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