Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday party Central!

Victoria turned 6 on Saturday, and celebrated with some friends at the pool at the Y. It was great! We had 7 girls and Michael along with grandma, Karen, Chloe's dad, me and Kevin.
Brian and Chase met us in the pool after we all finished having cake and ice cream in the party room.

Sunday we had a family party for Victoria, Kevin and Michael along with grandma, grandpa, Brian, Lisa, Chase and Evan, and of course out whole family. I had made Dronning Maud pudding for Kevin ( a Nowegian treat he has adopted as his favorite), Death by Chicken (aptly named such after we realized exactly how unhealthy it was!) and Lois made them all a chocolate cake shaped as a football that Michael helped her frost. It was a great time even though I did run out of a key ingredient at the last minute. Lois was kind enough to run to the store for me, and we were able to save dinner!

Kevin's birthday was actually on Monday, and that day he came home early from work with a bad headache. After I got home we all ate dinner and he went back to bed. What a way to celebrate turning 30! In the middle of the night he got sick and started throwing up, so he spent yesterday at home on the couch.
By the time I was done with my Norwegian class (which went well by the way) he was feeling a lot better and we finished watching Batman Begins together.

Now I only have one more party to plan - Michael's for his friends - for next weekend. He want to have a Pirate party with a few friends at our house, so that is what he'll get.

Right now I am sitting in the cafe at church waiting for the kids and Kevin to finish at Awana. I am so glad they have wireless! I am also working on backing up all our work CD's (kids' music) on my laptop for next time the CD's get scratched. Things are not handled very delicately at my work!

Hope all is well with all of you out there! Gotta get back to work.


Anne Elise said...

OK, da, September!!!

Leslie said...

We had Dronning Maud pudding/fromasj while visiting my relatives in Norway in September. It was great! Would you have the recipe (Americanized)?? I would love to have it, if you don't mind sharing...thanks.

ddnlkn at