Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garage Sale

So a friend of mine offered to have a garage sale at her house so that we both could clean out our houses. My main goal was to get the garage cleared out, and then maybe some of the junk in the house too. Well, the sale is this Saturday (one day only) and I just started working on the garage yesterday after work. I did get a lot done, but with my restrictions on being on my feet and lifting it made it difficult to get much more done than I already did. My house is an utter mess as I empties closets in both kids' rooms and the bathroom, emptied out my laundry/storage room and brought all the junk out to the living room and family room. I am so embarrassed to have people see my house right now! I know it is all for the greater good, but seriously, I need to get better at organizing and getting rid of stuff as we go, not once every few years!
Kevin is thrilled with my "get rid of" pile as it is huge. The kids did an awesome job clearing out their rooms, and Michael actually has a whole side of his closet all empty!
I still have not even started on my own room, but if I don't get there that is ok.
My worry is that I am not going to be able to get the house back together for the next weekend when we'll be celebrating Victoria's 6th birthday, Kevin's 30th and Michael's 9th. Kevin's parents, his brother and our sister-in-law are coming along with their two kids for a dinner party Sunday evening, but Kevin's parents, I am guessing here, will be staying with us that whole weekend for the kids' celebrations so I need to have it ready by next Friday. Wish me luck!

I am currently 21 weeks (will be 2 weeks along on Saturday) and I am feeling good other than my back issues. We did have a scare on Friday and I had to talk to the Doctor then, which is when I got my restrictions as far as lifting and staying on my feet for too long. Being halfway through the pregancy makes me feel a litle rushed though, as we have nothing ready for the baby bean. I am hoping that whatever money I can make during the sale I will be able to spend on baby stuff as we are in need of everything but the crib and mattress!
Another good friend of mine is having a sale at her house the weekend after mine, and she is selling her little girl's clothes, so a lot of the money will end up at her house I am sure:) The biggest problem will be the time of year for clothing. Her daughter is a summer baby while our will be a winter one, so we'll se how that works out.

Sorry for not updating earlier. I have just been too busy getting things ready for this sale!
On Friday I am babysitting my two nephews until late in the night, and our friends' kids for a sleep over while they are out celebrating Jen's birthday! I am hoping it will be possible for the kids and their parents to at least venture into my house without stumbling over something when they come over on Friday! At the least, I want to have all the stuff I haven't already brought to the sale venue stacked in the garage ready to be transported. I need help for this though as most of the buckets are too heavy for me to lift ( I am capable, but will be dealing with a mad hubby and some very upset friends if I do). It is not fun being helpless I tell ya! I am not used to asking for help. I usually just do things myself.

Well, better get back to work! I have this week semi-off, meaning that I work my nanny job and then at the Y 2 ams a week, but starting next week I will step into my AM Lead job in the Kids Care and will be working longer hours, leaving not much time for cleaning and resting. So things that need to be done, should be done this week or weekend! I guess I need to work on organizing my schedule to allow for some down time too!

Have a wonderful week all!


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