Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Oh my, it is almost ungodly hot here today! The humidity is high and the temp is 87F (31C) but feels like 94F (34C).
I was trying to finish up the last of my cleaning before people come to stay with us, but it was so darn hot I felt like all I did was sweat!
When I get back home after work I will turn the AC on (we try to keep it off during the day, and actually haven't used it yet this year other than when we were drying out the carpet in the basement after water seeped in!) and get back at the cleaning. Then, when I am done I am taking a year long COLD shower:)
My brother and Kevin's sister and their two kids are coming to town today, but they are starting out staying at Kevin's brother's house.
We also have friends coming into town from North Carolina, and we get to hang out with them at a get-together tomorrow. I am very excited!
I still have to upload pics from the past few weeks, but will do that when my cleaning is done:)
Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I sure am.
Had the week of July 4th off, and another one in August when my mom and dad are here, so that will be great!

See you later!

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Anne Elise said...

Innom og leser litt hos deg.
Vi gleder oss til å komme nå, og har sent en pakke av sted i dag, med en del av det som står på ønskelista.

Det er forresten en award til deg i bloggen min.
God helg og hils alle!