Sunday, July 13, 2008

Updates and pictures

Here are some of the pics taken in the past few weeks.
Many more were taken but it is so hard to pick which ones to post!

This week we have my brother, sister-in-law and in-laws staying in town with us, as well as some friends who used to live here but moved to North Carolina. We went to a get-together last night to hang out with our friends and it was great. Of course, Victoria hit the wall soon after bedtime and Michael was in that path within minutes. So, off we went home to bed:)
this am I volunteered in the Cafe at church and had a great time. Feel tired this evening though!

This evening after a delicious dinner Kevin made we went to Riverside Concert by the Civic Center. It was nice. The weather is amazing! Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (I think that was the name) were the main group and quite enjoyable. Kevin wasn't a fan, but didn't complain:)

Next weekend we'll be camping with the in-laws and brother and sister at Kevin;s aunt's lake. We camped there last year as well and it was great, all except for the fact that their neighbors were bear hunting and just the mere thought kept me awake all night thinking I heard bears outside our tent! I am crossing my fingers I do not hear about it this year:)

Tomorrow is the start of what will be a loooong week. the kids I watch have hardly anything going on, so I will be at their house all day trying to convince them to have fun rather than be bored. Quite a task when the kids are adamant they can't have fun if they can't watch TV.
My kiddos will get to sleep in though, so that is good. my mother-in-law is staying here tonight and said I could leave the kids when I head to work in the am. I truly appreciate it! It not only means my kids will get a good nights' sleep, but also that I can snooze one me time before getting up in the morning:)

Anyways, it will be a bust few weeks to come with people staying here until next Tuesday (over a week from now) and then my parents coming two weeks from today. It is all good though. I love that we get to spend so much time with family!

I better head to bed now, so that I can actually snooze once extra tomorrow morning:)


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