Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Questions - You're tagged!

Amanda posted this on her page and I was tagged so here we go:
Oh, and by the way, if you read it, you are tagged too!

Do you flip your pillow to the cold side? No.

Do you like to hold or be held? I like to be held by Kevin and hold any child (especially my own kids)

Did you have a small or big wedding? I am guessing it would be considered small

What type of girls/guys do you usually go for? A loving, caring and honest man - which is just what I found and married

Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? Poor and happy!

Have you ever churned butter? No

What is the most money you would spend on a pair of shoes? $50 I think, but usually they are less than $30 (except for my running shoes)

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green

If you could win a couple front row tickets to a game, any sport, any team? Hmmm......Team handball for one of the Norwegian National teams' games in the Olympics.

If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt? Yes

What woke you up this morning? Unfortunately, my alarm

How was your weekend? It was good, but short

What's the weirdest thing someone said to you lately? Hm.....can't think of anything....must have been something Victoria said though as she always throws me for a loop with her weird comments

Did you kiss or hug anyone today? Not yet:(

When was the last time you cried? A few days ago when I just felt quite down

Would you take a bullet for anyone? Yes, for a few very loved ones

Where would you like to live? At the beach

What kind of house would you like? An older Victorian style house, or a brand new house with nothing wrong with it:)

What was the last thing you drank? A diet coke

Who do you miss? My bff Elin and my grandparents

What’s your favorite kind of soda? Diet Coke in the US, Champagne in Norway

How many times have you eaten sushi? Never

What do you want to do right now? Nap

Are you listening to music right now? well....I can hear the sound of Victoria's play laptop, but not quite music

What time is it now? 11:02am

Do you think anyone will repost this? Maybe a few people

Do you drink? for sure, lotsa water each day:)

What do you like to listen to before you go to bed? Any kind of soothing music, although I usually don't.

What are you wearing? White tank top and Aqua capris

Do you have a bad habit? Yeah,biting my nails, but I haven't for weeks now and my nails look sooo nice:)

Do you have any credit cards? No

Do you have bills? Doesn't everyone?

One wish you have? I certainly have one, but not for public display

Have a wonderful day all!


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