Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful friends!

Kevin and I are blessed with such wonderful friends! Yesterday at dinner, they calle dus up and asked if we would let them take the kids overnight! They have a boy who is in Michael's class and a girl who is Victoria's age and they get along superbly! So, off they went. Unfortunately I had already agreed to babysit my nephew Chase while his parents went to game nigth with their biblestufy. Oh well. We had a blast anyways! Chase is a bit jealous - probably stemming from having a brand new baby in his house - and would come over and move Kevin's hand off my knee, back, ahdn etc, and stare Kevin down. It was hilarious! He is such a happy kid and I love to spend time with him!
After he went home Kevin and I went out to play pool for a bit and then to Applebee's for a late night snack. It was hard to get up this morning!

Our anniversary is on Thursday and our wonderful friends have offered to take the kids again overnight! They are truly wonderful! This time I am NOT babysitting anyone and we can go eatr dinner or something somewhere nice:)
I am just hoping we can give back and take their kids soon. Unfortunately not for over a week as we're going out of town. We will make it up to them though!

Here's to Friends! Cheers!

Hope you all are as blessed as we are!

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