Friday, June 13, 2008


My dear husband is finally coming home tonight! He has spent days in Iowa for work and we've missed him soo much! This weekend is Father's Day here in the US, so the kids have been working diligently on a surprise for him:) I will post pics on Monday.

On a little more sad note, we've lost our Tivo Remote! Yikes! It was here earlier today, but now it is gone....we do have a spare one (our original one before we lost that one for a few months) but it just is not as good! Oh well.....not supposed to be watching a whole lot of TV when the weather is nice anyways. Right?

Have a wonderful day and weekend you all, and I will be back with pics another day!


Anne Elise said...

Innom og hilser på igjen.
I dag er det torden her hos oss. Har tatt noen tøgge bilder som jeg legger ut i bloggen etter hvert.
Hils alle fra meg!
(og hvor gamle er egentlig de 3 hos Kristen?)

Hammari said...

Alayna er 3 (4 i januar), Micah ble nettopp 2 og David ble foedt i Januar var det vel