Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home alone and T-Ball

So, Kevin had to go on a work trip today until Friday night, so I am home alone with the kids. Now, I have not problem watching the kids by myself, and actually get upset with parents who complain about having to take care of their own kids (they are a blessing despite the hard work!), but truth be told, I am terrified of Thunder and Lightning! And what do I do when I can't have Kevin to calm me down? Not sure about that yet. Might end up calling him or messaging him in the middle of the night if the storms get to be bad! Anyways, keep your fingers crossed that we do not get any thunder, and I will sleep soundly:)

T-Ball started for the kids today at their school. Both Michael and Victoria are on the same team so I could cheer them both on. I was secretly hoping they would call it off due to the rain (but then the rain let up for almost the entire game!). It was fun though!
Here are some pics from the game tonight. They are on the Green team.

Toria at bat

Both in the field Toria catching Toria at 1st Michael ready for the ball

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Anne Elise said...

Så spennende at Victoria også er igang med T-ball!
Gleder med SÅÅÅÅÅÅ mye til å se dere alle igjen!!