Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh My!

Wow, I managed a whole post before I got sidetracked and lost sight of this! Here's to trying again.

I was off from work today due to a dental appointment, so I got to head home early. That is, as soon as Victoria got done with pre-school at 11:30. We hit the bathroom hard when we got home, emptying out cupboards and storage and purging tons of things. Now my bathroom is in tip-top shape. Let's see how long it lasts:) I even scrubbed the toilet - like - really scrubbed like never before! Now my back is telling me to take a break so here I am:)
Tomorrow it will only be a week until my Dad comes to visit for two weeks! We're so excited, but also have tons of stuff to get done before that. After Kevin being sick over President's day weekend - my weekend that was full of plans to get the house put back together - and a visit from his parents the next weekend and me wrecking my back the day after they left things just have not been getting done at all! So, despite my less than great back I hope to get things done.
All I have to do it catch up on laundry, clean out the guest bedroom, pick up the family room, make room in my laundry room to actually be able to make it to the washer and dryer! Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, Victoria got the stomach flu so my already behind laundry was pushed further behind as I had to get her clothes, bedding and everything else caught in the line of fire cleaned. Oh well, life of a mom I guess.

Tomorrow night I will be back in class teaching Norwegian, and Friday night is a planned girl's night out, Saturday church and nursery so I am hoping to get a lot done on my day off from work! If anyone feels like cleaning, my house is in dire need of it! You are all welcome!

Well, that will be a good started. Have a wonderful day!

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