Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Flu has arrived at our house:(

Thursday after school Michael came home and looked like crap. He went straight to bed and fell asleep. When I got home from work (my dad was here watching the kids) he was burning iup with a fever and coughing up a storm, so Friday morning, which happened to be a snow day, I took him in and he was officially diagnosed with the Influenza B strain. He got Tamiflu and it worked wonders, but he still has a low grade fever so I have kept him home.

Easter we ended up spending in town as Michael was sick and my fil was in the hospital recuperating after having 2 stents put in his heart after a heart attack earlier in the week. He is doing ok now thank God! We'll be heading up there on Friday for Spring break - the entire spring break - so that will be fun.
Hopefully, while there, Kevin and I will get to head up to Canada for a couple of day as I have never been there. We're planning on watching a show, sightsee and then head back to the kiddos.
Above is the Easter pic of my kiddos, the lights f my life!

Yesterday we ran out for a quick errand for my brother and my dad bought a Nikon D60 SLR for him, and I am so jealous! I so want a good camera, so I am in penny pinching mode:)
I also found someone who would be willing to run a 4 person relay at the Med City Marathon with me, although I doubt we'll get it going. Maybe at a marathon at the end of the summer.
I am hoping to start in at least 5 different 5Ks throughout the summer, so we'll see:)

Anyways, short update, but an update non the less. Other than that, nothing new. My dad will be leaving for Norway again on Thursday while I am at class. I will miss him dearly and hope it won't be too long before I see him and the rest of the family again.

See ya!

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Anne Elise said...

Nå er pappa trygt hjemme igjen. Hentet ham i Stavanger og turen gikk fint både for ham og oss to siste biten.
Snø og regn her, men våren nærmer seg!