Sunday, September 27, 2009

No pictures yet:(

I got a new (to me) computer, and I do not have a photoprogram (or a sound card for that matter) on it, so I have not downloaded pictures from my camera in forever! I am hoping that this coming week I can get my darling husband to put a sound card in, because youtube movies just are not as much fun without sound! And, hopefully I can get a hold of a good photo program too. I have so many darling pictures to show you all!
I was planning on taking another one today - of Madeline's branded face, but her branding went away faster than we expected. She fell on top of a Duplo Lego yesterday and had the small circles from the top of the Lego bruised onto her face:( Poor baby!

Michael and Victoria are doing well in school and they are enjoying it too:) Michael is on the school crossing guard patrol, and likes that. He had his first week of patrol last week and it went well.
Victoria celebrated her 7th birthday on Saturday (19th) with her friends and then we had a family party for her, Kevin and Michael on the 20th as Kevin's parents were able to stop by on their way home from Oklahoma.
Michael will be having his friend party on the 10th.

Other than that, not much is going on. Work, work, work, and some planning for our trip in December. I am so excited we're going to celebrate Christmas in Norway! My friend Ingrid is coming home for Christmas too, so I get to see her. Hopefully we'll be able to see most of our friends and family while at home. We're staying from the 12th until January 9th! Almost a whole month. Maybe I will just not come back to the US and just keep staying in Norway! Kevin actually suggested I stay on a bit longer with Madeline, while he brings the kids back for school, but I fear travelling with my baby all by myself, so I will hold off on that until another time. I am kinda hoping to go back next summer, but I am not sure that is something Kevin and our bank account sees feasible. Only time will tell I guess.

So, whenever I get my photos downloaded, I will put some up here of my lovely family! Hope all is well!

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Torunn said...

Kjekt å sjå at alt går bra med dåke! Tenkte ofte på dåke! Og så utruleg kjekt at de kjem heimover!! Får de lyst og tid til å ta ein tur nordover til oss hadde det vore koseleg, men du ser kva de får til. Hadde ikkje gjort noko om de vart igjen her alle saman og blei i Norge for alltid. ;)
Kos deg masse med nedtellinga og med feiringa av Michael i dag!! Helsa masse, masse gratulera med dagen til han og gi han ein god klem.
Klem, Torunn