Monday, September 14, 2009

I think I have a biter!

So Madeline has sprouted two teeth in the last few weeks and she has put them to good use. At least it makes her giggle when they are being used! I tell you, being a nursing mom to a child with teeth - who likes to use those teeth = not comfortable! For the most part she is good and just eats, but every now and then.....say no more!
Today, after she as done eating, she crawled (her army crawl) over to me and bit my arm! I think I am really in for it with this one! She is so lovable though, and has started cuddling and showing affection to those around her. Today she also waved at one of my co-workers when she saw her!
Oh, this weekend marked 8 months since she was born too! Yikes!

Michael and Victoria started school again on September 8th and they both love it! I need to get some pictures moved to my computer in the basement, since that is the one I use now, so that I can post them for you guys!

I am back to my normal work schedule and love it! I enjoy seeing all my Y friends and families every day!

We're heading out to work out at the Y tonight, so I have to cut this short, but hopefully I will find time to catch you guys all up on what has been going on. Since I have a lot of cleaning to dfo, I am sure I will find many reasons to dork around on the computer instead:)

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