Friday, May 29, 2009

Kids Triathlon and an update

It has been forever since I have taken time to sit down to update this blog. I am sorry!
We've been very busy lately, but a good kind of busy.

Tomorrow morning both Michael and Victoria are participating in a kids' triathlon here in Rochester. They are so excited!
Victoria will swim 50 yards, bike 2.1 miles and run 1/4 mile, while Michael will swim 100 yards, bike 3 miles and run 1/2 mile.
Grandma and Grandpa Lucier will be in town to watch them too!

Last weekend we went up to Kevin's aunt's lake cabin to camp and help her fix the cabin a bit. We had nice weather and got some things done around the cabin.

May 17th we celebrated in Minneapolis at Mindekirken. They had a service in Norwegian and then a parade around the area. The two older kids and I wore bunads.
After the parade we changed in the car and went to Como Zoo to enjoy the rest of the wonderful day.

Michael and Victoria are excited to be done with school soon. Their last day of school is June 9th. They have both had wonderful teachers and made good friends. Hopefully we'll see most of them at some point over the summer.

Madeline is growing well and is certainly showing her personality. She is not doing anything the way her siblings did it, which is fine :)
I took her in for her 4 month check up and guess what! No ear infection!! I was so excited! She is allergic to amoxicillin though, so that is a bummer.

Kevin is still busy with work. He's been working late hours a lot, but thankfully has time to go play softball with the guys on the church league team on Tuesday nights.

I am also busy. Feel tired most of the time and wish I did not work two jobs, but oh well. The Y is very willing to work with my nanny schedule, so I won't have to work so hard in the summer. I am looking forward to when the Y job is the only one I am working! It is the greatest place I have ever worked at, and I have the best co-workers too.

I was hoping to get to go home to Norway this summer, but that won't happen. I only have 1 week off this year, over the summer, so it does not allow for much travel. I am crossing my fingers for a Christmas time trip home!

Here's some pictures to hold you all over:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


mamma said...

Deilig å se dere alle sammen!! Vel, mangler jo bilde av Kevin, da!!!!!
HAr hatt besøk fra Sotra i dag, Vidar & Reidun + Ester. Kjempekoselig og det var så godt for mormor og morfar å se dem igjen.
Ha en fortsatt flott helg!!

Hanne said...

ja, han var fortografen han vet du:) Skal finne et bilde av ham ogsaa...

Torunn said...

Så flotte bilder av dåke!! Synd de ikkje kjem dåke heim i sommar, men krysser fingrane for ein tur til jul. Godt å høyre at at står bra til med dåke,- og håpar du snart berre har den eine jobben og forholde deg til. Ha ei fin veke! Klem

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