Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Norway Visitor

The kids and I will be heading up to the Cities this afternoon to pick my mom up from the airport. We are all thrilled to have her come visit us! This will be her first time meeting Madeline, so I am sure they will be spending a lot of time cuddling:)

Madeline is growing fast, and getting her own little personality. Victoria loves spending time with her and singing for her, and Michael love just cuddling her. They will sit on the couch for a long time just looking at each other. I love watching them!

Kevin is home sick today, and was yesterday too. He felt sick over the weekend when we were in Moorhead, but got better. Then Monday night he started feeling yucky again and it has gotten worse. I feel so bad for him! He set up a farewell lunch for the people in his department who were laid off, and now he does not get to go. This is also his last week of part time work before he heads back to work full time again. I am sure that transition will be hard when you have been used to sleeping in every day.
I will start my last full week off from the Y next week as well, and even though I look forward to going back I really enjoy the time at home with the kids. We can bake, play games, watch movies and just hang out. Maybe one time in the future I will get to be a full fledged stay at home mom again. It will be good to have that week off since my mom is here, so that we can visit. I do have to work at my nanny job, but having most of the day off while the kids are at school helps.

So, to catch you all up on what has happened lately here is a list, in no certain order:
  • Saw a NDSU Bison game in Fargo - they lost:(
  • Ate myself stuffed at KFC - mostly on the biscuits
  • Left Madeline with grandma for almost 2 hours (longest I have been out without her!)
  • Caught up on laundry - only to have it piled up again the next day
  • Made Valentines for both of the kids to bring to school
  • Went through baby clothes and packed in boxes to ship to OK
  • Spent a long weekend with Kevin's parents in Moorhead. Unfortunately Kevin's mom had to work :(
  • Searched the net for a fun and long hairdo I can sport whenever I get to the hair dressers
  • Decided to make lots of meals to freeze - but did not actually follow through (so I am still craving some of the dishes I wanted to eat!)
  • Woke up several times to deal with children who felt they were coughing a lung out
  • Went through my clothes in the closet and put all maternity clothes in boxes to give back to the rightful owner. Most of them were not even worn once by me as I love my sweats too much!
  • Went through my closet again and reluctantly got rid of clothes from high school I KNOW I won't fit into ever again, but kept dreaming I would.
  • Napped a few times
  • Got sad looking at my empty closet!
  • Got happy when I realized it meant smaller piles of laundry!
  • Got excited about the snow melting and grass showing
  • Woke up to help children whose ears were hurting
  • Got depressed about it snowing again, covering the brown grass!
  • Cleaned the kids' rooms for the 100th time, threatening to throw away anything left on the floor (for the 200th time). Still have yet to get a thrash bag out to actually pick the things up that are out now...:)
  • Cuddled with Madeline, Michael, Victoria and Kevin!
  • Slept on the couch to keep hubby company while he slept in the recliner chair last night (actually, it was more for me than for him as I sleep horribly when he is not in the room with me)
  • Finished the Twilight Series. Now I want to watch the movie!
  • Started a book that I never finished - just did not grab me.
  • Started another book that is scary! About a house that is alive....also one of the reasons I slept on the couch and not in my bed.....
Hm....not a very exciting life, huh? I wouldn't trade it for anything though! Except for the parts where I have to wake up in the middle of the night that is.

Have a wonderful day/week you all!


Karen said...

What do you think of the House book? Isn't it creepy?? I so want to watch the movie now...

Hanne said...

Man, not sure I can watch the movie. The books scares me too much! I am serious, I slept on the couch so that I would not be alone in the bedroom! I am still working on the book, did not have time to read last night.

Karin said...

Phewf - you've been busy!

When I read your bit on being "caught up" on laundry (only to have it pile up again), reminded me of something my cousin and I were talking about this week. Instead of "doing laundry", she now calls it "moving laundry." Since it's never really "done," now she can mark it off her mental to do list--at least for a while--as soon as she's just "moved" it along. : )

Hanne said...

I love that idea! I will now start moving my laundry instead of catching up:) because it does get moved a long, just never done:)
By the way, I love reading and looking at all of our crafts!
My next thing to do it making a Moby wrap for Madeline:) No sew crafts are great!