Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to tame kids' clutter!

So on one of my regular blogs that I read I found this link to a link party. At The Shabby Nest you can find links to other blogs where people share their ideas on how to tame the clutter in their house that kids make. Check it out!
I am eating my lunch checking each and every one of the blogs out. So many neat ideas! Now, if I could only afford to get all the extra boxes and storage for the de-cluttering!


Amanda said...

It was fun looking through all of the post wasn't it?

I'd really like to link up to her blog but the playroom is not totally "finished" yet.

Amanda said...

Hanne - PS, I'm so awful I still haven't mailed to you what I've been meaning to mail ;-(

I'm having Jason send it out tomorrow!!!

Hanne said...

I love getting all those ideas! I wanted to link up too, but then I would have to go take pictures and I was too lazy today.

Amanda, you are so sweet. You really do not have to get us anything!

Karin said...

Hi Hanne--

How fun to see me on your blog roll! : ) And congratulations on the new babe. I think I saw you at JoAnns just days before the birth.

This post about kids clutter is perfect for me. I definitely need to make some changes and implement some new ideas!

Hanne said...

yes, I was at JoAnn's getting fabric to finish Michael's curtains before the baby came. Got it done, barely:)