Monday, June 6, 2011

Conflict just is not a very fun thing!

I am NOT good at dealing with conflict, but lately it seems to just flourish around me! This causes stress dreams in which I always fail to keep my kids safe:( Yikes! I have to keep in mind though, that the conflicts I worry about right now, are due to actions made by others, which in turn caused them to be disappointed with the after-effects. I don't have energy to deal with adults who act like kids, throw tantrums like a 3 year old, refuse to be around us because of disappointment or hold a grudge or are jealous because of something we have accomplished. I have enough work with my own kids doing those things. We make the decisions we make because of the situations we are in, and we strive to always put our family first. If we end up disappointing you because of that, I am sorry, but that is life.
Ok, I got that off my chest now, and will look forward:) I can't afford to spend my time and energy worrying about what other people think or feel, when I know we've made the right decisions in what we have done, but it is my nature to worry about things I cannot control. It is very high on my list of things to work on, as it is mentally draining to constantly worry about other people and what they might think or feel. Kevin works hard to provide for our family, and there is no way in this world he will relent on his efforts to make sure his family is well taken care of (regardless of other people's feelings), and we are financially set. He is a gosh-darn- awesome guy and I am blessed to be his wife!

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Marthe said...

Så kjedligt. Husk at det kje e verdt å bruka for mye krefter på sånn. Du har nok av flotte folk rundt deg du heller kan fokusera på :)